What to do if you find yourself in a restaurant with a strange smell

What to do if you find yourself in a restaurant with a strange smell

This is a list of some of the places where we know that strange smells have been coming from and what to do when they do.

Restaurants: In the South East, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane there have been a number of cases of unexplained smells in bars and restaurants.

One such restaurant in Melbourne has been found to have been the source of many such cases, although it is unclear if it has been linked to the other restaurants.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that an unnamed restaurant in the CBD had been the subject of several sightings of a “very strange, unidentifiable substance” in the toilet.

One local cafe owner told the newspaper that his cafe had been a source of a strange “mildew smell” and that customers had been told to keep away from it.

In Brisbane, a woman in her early 30s had reported smelling something that she believed was coffee and felt uncomfortable walking to her car because of the smell.

The smell was so strong she went outside to the toilet, which had been used for the past two years and was now covered in black coffee.

Police have investigated the smell and have not ruled out the possibility that it could be a chemical.

In Melbourne, a resident in a Sydney bar told news.com.au that they had been unable to find out what it was that was causing the “bluish” smell, but said that the cafe was not the source.

They said the smell came from a toilet and they were told to “get your shit together” before moving on.

In Sydney, the owner of the Cafe Macarthur restaurant told ABC radio that the “fuzziness” of the “smelling” was caused by “a number of different people coming in and out of the cafe”.

A number of establishments in Melbourne have been also reported to have had strange smells and one of them is the Hotel Marconi, in the city’s south-west, which has been the scene of many reports of unexplained odours.

A number have also reported that patrons have been seen coming and going from the toilet as if it were not there, and have also been seen leaving their toilets while smelling the “pest”.

“It has happened in hotels, it has happened at the Opera House and in restaurants,” the restaurant’s manager told ABC Radio Melbourne.

The restaurant manager said that patrons were asked to “take their pants off” and were told that the smell would “probably go away”.

It has been suggested that this was a reference to the smell that people have reported in restaurants that were closed for the night.

A spokesperson for the Hotel Monash said that it had not received any reports of a hotel being affected by the “stench”.

The Victorian government has also announced that it is investigating the issue of restaurant smell, saying that it was “possible that some of our businesses are being targeted by a large number of people who do not appreciate that their customers have the right to enter their premises at their own discretion.”

The Victorian Government has asked businesses to ensure that they have “a clear-headed, independent approach” when dealing with patrons and staff.

A spokesman for the Victorian Department of Health said that they were aware of a number complaints about odours in hotels.

A Victorian State Government spokesperson said that people should not “be afraid of their food and drink”.

“If people feel uncomfortable, if they feel uncomfortable about their dining experiences, or are feeling uncomfortable about the odour of their restaurant, the Government will work with them to provide advice and assistance,” the spokesperson said.

Restaurant owner tells ABC radio Melbourne: “It’s very disconcerting.

I’ve been here for 18 years, it’s not the smell, it just isn’t.

It’s a very strange, unpleasant smell.

It is a bit frightening.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I don, and I’m going to have to make sure that I’m doing everything I can to make it right.”

The spokesman said that hotel staff should “be able to tell if it’s a restaurant or not”.

He also said that a number restaurants had contacted the hotel in recent weeks to ask that customers stay away from the toilets.

Some of the restaurants that have had complaints include the Hilton Melbourne and Hilton Sydney, both of which are owned by Marriott International, and the Hilton Sydney Harbour, where guests have reported a “pinkish” and “vibrant” smell.

Hotel owners have also told the ABC that they do not have the capacity to remove customers from the premises at this time, so customers should be advised to “go home”.

A spokesperson from the Melbourne Hotel Association said that customers should contact hotel staff and the hotel’s management.

A hotel spokesperson told the BBC that it did not believe the smell to be from the “mainstay” of a restaurant.

“It is very distressing to us,” they said.

“We would never encourage a customer to come in and stay in a hotel without being able to remove them.”

Restaurant owner says he will close


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