New Delhi: Why are Chinese tourists turning to Kerala?

New Delhi: Why are Chinese tourists turning to Kerala?

New Delhi – New Delhi, July 8: Chinese tourists from across the world are flocking to Kerala for the annual festivals of Kerala and its famous Kerala Coconut Festival.

Kerala’s coconut trees are known as the largest in the world and are used as a culinary delicacy in many countries.

It is a state where traditional festivals, such as the Kerala Coconut festival, are celebrated to celebrate the birth of the god, Kerala.

Kathalapatanam: The Indian Ocean’s most visited city, Chennai is a hotbed for tourists.

Its proximity to India and the fact that many foreign tourists visit the city to do business make it an ideal destination for Chinese tourists.

According to the Tourism Promotion Board, Kerala is the second most visited Indian city with 2.5 million foreign tourists visiting the state in 2013.

Karnataka Tourism Authority estimates that Kerala will become the biggest tourist destination in India by 2020.

Kannada language has become the lingua franca in the state.

The state government is promoting Kannada as the second language of the state and promoting language courses in schools to attract students.

The state government has also introduced new laws in the last few years aimed at creating an environment conducive for the growth of Kannadigas language.

In 2012, Kannadiya, the second-language language of Karnataka was introduced into the Karnataka State Schools.

Kanada is also spoken in the Tamil Nadu State.

Kirana Krishnan, director of Kalyan, a Kannadan language institute in the city, said that the state government and the tourism administration have taken a positive approach towards the growth and development of KANNADIGAS language.

Krishnan added that Kannadic schools in the State were the most popular with foreign tourists.

Kanthas Tourism Minister K. Sivakumar said that tourism officials in the tourism department had visited the Kerala city many times.

He added that the tourism board had also met with Chinese tourists and made arrangements to set up Chinese-language immersion programmes.

Kalyan has a network of over 1,000 immersion centres, where foreign students from all over the world study.

Kuniyalanthuram: Kerala’s second-most-visited city, Kuniyal is the capital of the State of Kerala.

Its famous restaurants are famous for their authentic cuisine, such a Biryani Curry.

Kuniyals coconut trees were planted as a cultural icon by the local rulers in 1770.

Kanna, the state’s second largest city, is home to several traditional festivals.

In 2009, the Kerala Tourism Authority introduced Kanna as the first state to introduce a new state language.

The State Government has made it mandatory for Kannads learners to learn the language in schools and in the workplace.KANADA: Kerala is a vibrant and dynamic state.

Many new industries and companies have been started in the past few years.

The State Government is promoting language classes in schools.

The Kannadas have been given the option of learning the Kannadian language in Kannadia language immersion centres.

K.P. Muthukumar, State Minister for Tourism, Tourism and Culture, said the Kerala State Government and the Tourism Authority had made it a priority to promote the language and promote its development.

Kanyakumari: Kerala has become a major centre for tourists to visit the country.

Kanya, the capital city of Kerala, is a destination for many tourists and a popular destination for those visiting Kerala.

Kanyakums popular festival is the Kanya Festival.

Kanya is celebrated as the birthday of the deity, Kanyamanthi, who was worshipped as the patron deity in Kerala.

In the last two decades, the Kanyamas tourism board has established a Kanya Tourism School in the town.

Kanna is the state language of Kanyagarai.


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