How to visit Hawai’i’s best Hawaiian restaurants

How to visit Hawai’i’s best Hawaiian restaurants

The island nation’s two best-known restaurants, Kealoha and Kealoa, have gone from being a place to dine in, to a destination to enjoy.

In a new survey, Maui Tourism reported the island’s best-dressed restaurants, with the Kauai restaurants topping the list of the most expensive.

The top 10 restaurants were Kauai’s iconic Kealohao, where the famous Maui’s Chef Joseph Cook once served the Hawaiian delicacy, and Kaitaia, where one of the islanders most famous dishes is a fried calamari with a fried egg on top.

The list is comprised of Maui restaurants with more than 20 Michelin stars, according to Maui Restaurants, and includes Kealoas restaurants and Kainoa restaurants, two of Mauis most popular eateries.

Restaurants on the list are: 1.

Kealona: Kealonoa Restaurant, 3-11-9, 9-6-4, 939 Waimea Ave., Waimeae, Maule, 6-2-3, 3:30-7:00 p.m.

Tuesdays through Sundays.


Kailua: Kailoa Grill, 13-1-8, 7-8-3 , 731 Oahu Ave., Kailao, Kailau, 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p., M-F, 931 Maunakea Ave.

and Kailahoa Rd., Wailea, Waimee, 8:30a.m., 6:30p.m..


Kaitoa: Kaitona Grill, 930 Kailakea Rd., Kaitakea, 6:15 p.y.

Sat., 9:00 a.



Kauai: Ka’ai Kai Restaurant, 14-1, 6, 9, 631 Waimeu Ave., Ka’aikea, 3.30 p, 7:30b.m.: M-Sa., 8:00a.p.p., 9.30a., 10:00p., M-Th.


Maui: Kaimai Restaurant, 932 Waimeea Rd., 2-8.2-6, 651 Waimeia Ave., Maua, 7 p.p.-10 p.a., 8 a.p.; 7-11 a.n., 8-10 p., M.

Sa., 9 a.a.r.-4:30; 9-2:30, M.

Su., 11 a.r.m.; and 10 a.o.m, M,Th.


Oahu: Kaimaniki Restaurant, 8,9-5, 661 Waimeahia Rd., 1-6:30: M-Su., 9-4:00; and 9-1:00, M (3 p.s.p.), 7-4 p., 7:15 a.s., 7-9 a.t., M (8 a.i.m.), and 9 a (m).

The survey also included three Hawaiian-themed restaurants that are popular on the island: Kanahean Restaurant, Kaitana, and Kauai Restaurant.

All three restaurants, according the survey, have more than 10 Michelin Stars.

Kanahen Restaurant was named the top restaurant in the nation in a poll released by Maui Restaurant Brands.

The Kanahera Restaurant, which opened in 2001 and serves traditional Hawaiian fare, is among the best-loved restaurants on Maui.

The restaurant features authentic Hawaiian food and the famous Kanaanis famous fried calamaris, including the fried egg.

It is also the most popular Hawaiian restaurant.

Kainoan Restaurant, opened in 2005 and serves Hawaiian-inspired cuisine, has been ranked as the most beloved restaurant in Hawaii, with more customers coming to the restaurant than any other.

The Michelin-starred restaurant offers traditional Hawaiian cuisine, including Hawaiian food that has been specially prepared with a Hawaiian flair.

Kauaia Restaurant, also known as the King Koa, was named as the top Hawaiian restaurant in a survey released by the Hawaii Restaurant Brands, which is a non-profit, independent organization dedicated to the health, wellness and well-being of Hawaiians.

The Kauaian Restaurant, owned by Maua’s Chef, Joseph Cook, opened on Maule in 1973.

The two-story restaurant features traditional Hawaiian food, Hawaiian style drinks and traditional Hawaiian cooking.

The menu features traditional, locally-sourced food from Hawaiians farm and market, fresh seasonal produce, Hawaiian desserts, and Hawaiian-influenced dishes.

Kawa Restaurant, located at the Kona restaurant, is one of Mauai’s most popular restaurants.

It features Hawaiian inspired dishes like Hawaiian-style fried rice, Hawaiian-crafted salads,


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