How to spot the best Indian food in India

How to spot the best Indian food in India

The Times Of India’s India guide to the country’s eateries and pubs, and our list of the top 10 Indian restaurants in the country, has been updated.

Read more Here are the 10 Indian eateries we’re looking forward to visiting.


Panna-Kani , Kannada-speaking Kannadiga (Gurgaon) – Panna Kani is a classic Indian dish that features saffron and coconut, topped with a spiced coconut curry.

Its spicy coconut curry is topped with tomatoes and cilantro and it’s very good.

Its not very cheap, but it is very affordable.


Bhi Bhi , Gurgaon (West) – Bhi Bari is a local favourite in Gurgaont, and its not far from the Kailash area.

Its a dish that is very popular in this area and it is a great place to grab a glass of its popular Pancho and get some food.


Panchi , Gondola (Mumbai) – There is nothing that makes Panchis home like its spicy coconut milk.

The panchis have a special combination of coconut, tamarind, and garlic that gives the dish its spicy flavour.

It’s good if you want to try Panchish and other Indian dishes.


Thane Biryani , Gwalior (Maharashtra) – The name Thane translates to ‘pandora’.

It is a traditional dish in Maharashtra and its a favourite dish of the farmers of this area.

The dish is also popular in Gujarat.


Thakkar , Gujarat (Malda) – Thakar is a popular dish in Gujarat, which is a large state of Maharashtra.

Its one of the biggest Indian dishes in Maharashtra.


Pangali, Gurgaonic, Mumbai – Pangalis is a typical Indian dish which has a very distinctive taste.

Its served in a paddy field and the pakoras are made of boiled chicken and tomato.

Its very good if it is on the weekends.


Rajputana, Mumbai (Mint) – Rajputans are the traditional family of Indians.

It is made of rice, chickpeas, lentils and tomatoes and is one of their staple dishes.


Nandita, Delhi (Mountain) – Nanditas are a traditional Indian dish and are very popular with the residents of this region.

It comes in many forms and has many different variations.


Kannadi , Gaya (West Bengal) – Kannadas is a dish from Kerala which is known for its spicy food.

Its an interesting dish as it has a mixture of spices and vegetables.


Pachi, Gondi (Mansi) – It is the classic Indian dessert.

Its sweet and creamy with lots of spices.

If you like Indian desserts, Pachi is one.


Moksha , Mumbai (Nagpur) – Mokshas is a favorite dish of many Mumbaiis.

Its known for being soft and fluffy and served in coconut shells.


Shinde, Mumbai , Mumbai – Shindes is a dessert that is known to be very soft and light.

Its made of various fruits like melon, raisins, mango, and papaya.

It has a sweet taste and is very filling.


Khaan, Mumbai, Mumbai-Hindi (West), Maharashtra-Kerala-Punjab-Delhi (East) – Its a popular dessert dish that comes in several flavors and has a lot of different variations of ingredients.


Sava, Mumbai and Mumbai-Kannada (East), Maharashtra – The popular dessert, Sava is made from rice, milk, water, and spices.

Its eaten on days of celebration in Mumbai.


Meenakshi , Mumbai, Maharashtra-Hindu-Muslim (West and West-East)- Meenaks is an Indian dish popular in Mumbai and Kerala.

It consists of boiled chickpea, lentil, tomatoes, and mint and is served with rice.


Bhuj, Mumbai Andhra Pradesh- Telugu – Bhujas is a delicious and healthy dish that’s served with roasted peanuts, tomatoes and onions.


Bhupi, Mumbai Kannataka-Jharkhand-Haryana-Chhattisgarh-Assam (East)- Bhupis is a savory Indian dish.

It serves as a dip for rice.


Bajwa, Mumbai Karnataka-Assamese- Tamil Nadu (East and West)- Bajwas is made with rice and potatoes.

Its popular in Kerala.


Bora Bora, Mumbai Tamil Nadu-Jammu-Lakshmi-Tamil Nadu (West)- Bora Bhoras is a common dish in Kerala and Karnataka.

It contains boiled chicken, tomato, ginger, and coconut. 20


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