How to Get Your First Italian Restaurant in Cincinnati

How to Get Your First Italian Restaurant in Cincinnati

In the early days of his career, Roberto de Castro had to work for a living, but in 2010, the restaurant owner found his dream job.

Since then, he’s become the go-to guy for anyone wanting to enjoy an Italian meal.

We spoke to him about how he made the switch from restaurant owner to restaurant owner, and what’s next for him.VICE: Hi Roberto.

So what made you want to work at an Italian restaurant?

Roberto de Castro: I grew up in San Francisco, so I grew to love Italian food, and when I first moved to Cincinnati, I had the chance to visit the restaurants that I grew a love for and was so excited to visit and try them all.

And after all these years, I still love Italy so much.

It’s a very Italian culture, it’s a beautiful culture, and it’s very good.

I’m passionate about it.

I wanted to go to Italy and learn about this Italian culture.

So I did research and I got interested in it.

And then after about three years, one of the restaurants in my area started serving pizza.

It was really cool.

And I was like, “Wow, this is cool.

It means I’m making money.”

Then I went to work there.

And when I moved to my current job, I wanted to know what I could do in my first job.

I was also interested in learning Italian, so when I found this job I was very excited.

I’m really happy and excited.

I started at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, the Tasso, and we have really great food.

But I wanted a different restaurant, so, I went into the kitchen and did a few changes.

I made the pizza, the pizza oven, and then the wine list.

It really makes a difference to me that I am not a restaurant owner anymore.

It makes me feel like I’m part of this family.

So now I work in a restaurant, and I am really happy with that.VICE.

So you’ve found a new job, and you’re a happy camper?

Roberso de Castro.: [laughs] It’s really great.

I am definitely a very happy camPER, because I get to do what I love, and there are a lot of people doing this.

And when I get a chance to work in restaurants, I love it.

I love working in restaurants.

And it’s really awesome.

I was actually in a job where I did a lot in a short period of time, and they were paying me a lot, and the people who worked there were really good and really supportive.

But when I got to the new job at Tasso I started to have this crazy idea, which is that if I work here, I’ll be able to get my own private chef, and he will be able do my food, because they have all the ingredients that we need, and all the tools that we want to use.

And so I decided to do it.VICE, You’re the guy who just recently made the decision to make the switch to a restaurant?

What happened was, when I was going through the process, I was really worried about my health, and my health was very serious, so it was a big decision for me.

And my fiancé, and two of my friends who are Italian immigrants, also were worried about me.

We wanted to make it work, but we didn’t have the money, so we had to wait a while.

And it was so hard, but it was worth it.

You see, my fiancée was in a wheelchair and was getting sick every day.

And she couldn’t eat anything.

So we decided to make her our chef, because she has the knowledge, and she has all the knowledge.

And we are really happy.

We’re both really happy, and have a great time working in the restaurant.VICE (laughs).

You also have two young children, ages 6 and 10.

What’s it like to be an Italian parent now?

Roberta de Castro.


It’s very exciting.

And the children are great.

They’re very, very happy, because it means that they have the right support.

I can take care of them when they need it.

And I also have my own business, which means that I can make a lot more money.

And now I have more time for my family, so that means I can spend more time with them, because there’s always something else to do.VICE What’s next?

Roberde de Castro has just started his second year as a restaurant chef, so he has plenty of time to work.

He said, “If I can work here in the next year, I will be a happy man.”

We will see.

But what I’m excited about, because the opportunity is so huge for me, is to be able work here at Tosi and I can start a


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