How to find the best dog restaurant in Chicago

How to find the best dog restaurant in Chicago

The best dog food in Chicago, according to one of the city’s most prominent food critics.

The Los Angeles Times says the Los Angeles-based site has been calling the Best Dog Restaurant Index since 2007. 

The index, which ranks the best restaurants in each city, is one of many rankings that track dog-centric restaurants across the country.

It’s based on what a restaurant thinks its customer wants and why, and also what the restaurant’s competitors are doing.

The site uses data from the restaurant industry’s own data and restaurants themselves to rank them. 

This is how the index ranks the top dog restaurants in Chicago:1.

La-Z-Boy, Westchester, New YorkThe restaurant’s food is excellent. 


The Paddle Dog, South Portland, MaineThe restaurant is a great spot for kids, as its food is great. 


The Dogfish Head, Long Beach, CaliforniaThe restaurant has an array of tasty options. 


The Spot, Columbus, OhioThe restaurant provides great service. 


Bumble and Bubbles, Cleveland, OhioIt has a great selection of delicious meals. 


The Pig & Cat, Atlanta, GeorgiaThe food is good. 


TGI Fridays, Dallas, TexasThe food has great flavor and is reasonably priced. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Houston, TexasGood service.


The Bier Baron, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaThe restaurant doesn’t have the best food, but the staff is good, and they make great food.


Cheeseburger Bar, Detroit, MichiganThe food looks good.


Tootsie Roll, St. Louis, MissouriGood service and food. 


The T.G.I. Friday’s, Atlanta The food and service is good but the prices are a little high. 


The Big Dog, Chicago, IllinoisThe food isn’t the best and it doesn’t provide great food, so it’s not a good option.


The Grub Hall, Minneapolis, MinnesotaGood service but the menu isn’t very tasty.


The KFC Yum!

Center, Chicago The menu is great, but they don’t have any of the best items. 


The Oasis, Washington, D.C. The menu is good and the food is pretty good.

The service is okay.


Big Daddy’s, Nashville, TennesseeGood service, but don’t try their food.18.

Krusty Krab, NashvilleThe food at Krustys is great and the menu is pretty tasty.19.

The New York Steakhouse, New JerseyThe food on the menu has great flavors and is inexpensive.20.

The Wild Oats, New HampshireThe food wasn’t that great but the service was good.21.

The Grits, Portland, OregonThe food was good, but service was a little slow.22.

The Cheesecake Factory, Denver, ColoradoThe food looked good and it was a good deal.23.

The Little Mermaid, New OrleansThe food seemed decent, but there weren’t many options.24.

The Steak House, San FranciscoThe food seems good, the service wasn’t bad, and the staff was good to go.25.

The Burger King, San Diego, CaliforniaA good burger at a good price. 


The Shake Shack, San Jose, CaliforniaGood food at a reasonable price.


The Old Globe, Boston, MassachusettsThe food tasted good, it had a good selection, and it’s convenient.28.

The Fish and Chips, Washington D. C. The food was delicious and it had good service.29.

The Del Mar Deli, Sacramento, CaliforniaGreat food and great service, which made it the number one restaurant in the nation.30.

The Great American Taco Joint, San Antonio, TexasChefs were super nice and staff was attentive.31.

The Flying Fish, DenverThe food appeared to be good but it didn’t have a great menu.32.

The Golden Corral, ChicagoA few of the dishes were good but most of the rest of the food was just plain terrible.33.

The Green Acres, Omaha, NebraskaA couple of the plates had decent flavor, but it was hard to enjoy all of the flavors.34.

The South Beach Cafe, New MexicoThe menu was good but prices weren’t high enough to make it worth the cost.35.

The Lazy Dog, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MinnesotaThe menu wasn’t great, the food didn’t look great, and service wasn:1) Very bad, 2) Very good, 3) Okay, and 4) Great. 


The Beach House, Portland OregonGood service with great food and a great ambiance.37.

The Corner, Orlando, FloridaThe food quality was good and very reasonable, but a couple of other restaurants offered better food.


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